Saturday, October 18, 2008

Me and lil sis!!

This is me and my lil sis Brennah!! It was when she was graduating from pre-school. I was done with First grade!! That is why we look younger. Anyways, she is soo adorable!!! Is she not??? This was right before we moved.. She was sooo cute then!! Now, to be honest, she is pretty much a brat.. she calls people names. "I hate my Life" I hate you!" If you know me, you know what I mean. Especially since, Every friend I MEET, always comes over a ton. I have ALOOOT of friends. No kidding. Anyways, even though my sister drives me all over the universe, I love her!!


Periwinkle said...

I love this picture! Sisters kinda have a funny relationship. Even when you sometimes think 'B' is a really do love her! And she loves you back! The two of you have had some great adventures together!

Kk said...

o you and ur sister are soo cute in this picture u guys were soo young i love this picture it is sooo cute!!!!