Saturday, November 15, 2008

Problem, No problem?

"Alli, It`s for sure. We are moving to California, in 5 1/2 weeks"
My mom pulled me inside this HUGE decision. No body even knows how much I want to go to California, yet stay here. The only reason I could possibly not want to move is that I JUST made new friends, and It is going to be hard to back away. Who knows when I will get to ever see them again?

Although, If I do not go out to California, I am going to burst in WET, LIQUID, TEARS. I have to be atleast a few hours away from my family. I cant stand only getting to see everyone every break or vacation.

Is this a problem, or no Problem?
I really wanna make my last few weeks here last. Get to do things I wont get to do, and make my friends feel confortable while it lasts. I know are going to be having a HUGE good-bye party, which really suits me. Even boys that are my friends, I might hug to say bye because at good-bye parties, you need to say bye to whoever you will miss even a tiny penny.

So people, tell me.
Problem or No problem?