Sunday, September 14, 2008

Things have just fallen apart!!

You know, In the past, things have just changed.
I used to have a band called the sparkle team. Now, this was a long time ago when I first aproached my very first house in Tennessee. Newport crossing. I met two girls. Katie, and Sara. And together, we made up a band called the sparkle team. Well, after two years, there was a change. I moved. I no longer live close to them, we have had one or two get togethers since then. We have fallen apart. Every night, I think: "Will something change?? Will the sparkle team re-unite??" The answer is NO. Any band we make, will never be able to stay together. Before it starts all over again. All my family does, IS MOVE.

When I moved, I started going to a new school called Chapman`s retreat. I met a girl named Sabrina. And together, WE made a band called sisterhood. We were the closest of friends. Everyone in the school, was SHOCKED whenever we were not together. Lucky guess?? WE FELL APART. Want to know why? Well, the reason is now. We are not in the same class. I have new friends, she has new friends.

Well I am dropping it back a little right here. Last year, when me and Sabrina WERE in the same class, There was a new girl that came in March. Her name was Sara. She sat by Sabrina, she lived in the same neighborhood as Sabrina, she ate with Sabrina, They were NOW best friends. But we worked it out. Then me and Sara were friends too. So, once again, we made a band together. It was called sas. Sabrina, Allissa, Sara. Well, i knew that since we had JUST moved here, we were not going to move again, so I knew this band would last. And I also knew, that Sara had been here only for a week so, It was for sure. But then, Sara moved. The band was OVER. And then my mom, told me that we would ALSO be gone soon. Now me and Sabrina can never be friends. NEVER. We want to, but how can we??? Now I have a couple of bands, But I am afraid once again. Can I trust my friends and I to never fall apart???