Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Heyy it me alli!! I got tagged by my gummi so here are the rules of tag!!
1.Link to the person or persons who tagged you.
2.Put the rules on your blog.
3.Write six random things about yourself.
4.Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5.Let each person know they`ve been tagged and leave a comment on your blog.
6.Let the tagger know when the entry is up.
Well that is all of the rules!! Now, to play the game right, I will do what I gotta do. Preparing myself to be embarrassed, as I share some veeeery random things about me.
1. I have a MILLION cousinz, and the best grandparents on earth!!
2. I am in love with most fantasy and other culutures. I like gypsies, genies and other things.
3. I LOVE jewlery and make-up!! I am just that kind of girl who has sensitive skin, but it is good most of the time. I wear make-up now, my mom said I could. And I have alot of jewlery.
4. I tend to want things my way, and I can break glass by screaming so loud when no one will listen to me.
5. I am not bragging, this is sort of a problem with me, I have a HUGE heart, and I can not help it. I can easlily feel sorry for people and even though I am shy, I really wish i could help people. One day at school, there was a kindergarden girl reaching to get some Ice Cream out of the bin. She reached and reached but she was to short she fell about a million times. All of my friends and my schoolmates were looking at her laughing. I wanted to laugh with them, but I could not. So, I went up to her, and said, "Do you need help? Here, is this the Ice cream you want?" she nodded her head. i grabbed it for her and I handed it to her, she ran away. no body in my class really talked to me after that, they thought it was wierd. Sorry for such the long stories!!
6. I always HAVE to tell all of the stories!!! I love telling stories!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I can not stop my self!! Voting time.

Okay, so alot of you know, that my family has a vacation fund. Right now, we are thinking of either taking the money and using it for a bunch of cool stuff, so that we can eat out and go shopping ALL of the time, or save it up to go to Disney Land. I am kind of stuck in the middle. I really want to go to Disney Land, I mean I LOVE the place, seriously!!! But I am just thniking about how, when we are done with Disney Land we will barely have ANY money because we will have spent it all. And I do not wanna be poor. I mean, I will doubt that will happen. I think or I pretty much KNOW, were going to Disney Land, I wanna go soo bad. But If we have a choice, comment me and give me what you think we should do!! I am totally up for it!! Comment now!!!

Me and lil sis!!

This is me and my lil sis Brennah!! It was when she was graduating from pre-school. I was done with First grade!! That is why we look younger. Anyways, she is soo adorable!!! Is she not??? This was right before we moved.. She was sooo cute then!! Now, to be honest, she is pretty much a brat.. she calls people names. "I hate my Life" I hate you!" If you know me, you know what I mean. Especially since, Every friend I MEET, always comes over a ton. I have ALOOOT of friends. No kidding. Anyways, even though my sister drives me all over the universe, I love her!!
I can not believe I found this!! When me and my sister were younger, our dad would always take us onto the computer and do some pretty crazy stuff... My dad figured out how to make things smaller and make things bigger. So we had a little fun. This one is my favorite!! Isn`t it hilarious??? Please leave some comments about this daddy fun!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

This is all me!!!!!: Family..

This is all me!!!!!: Family.. pattiallan-periwinkle.blogspot.com; fergusonfam.blogspot.com


Okay, I have made a whole bunch of my family come to this blog. And they did not come here to see a bunch of stuff about friends!! Family, is important too. Okay, so.. I have this grandma names Patti. But you should not even say grandma. She is not even close to grandma!! She is Gummi!! She absolutely rocks!! I do not lie!! She gets me whatever I want!! But that is not why i love her, I love her because I have a connection with her. She also has the best husband!! His name is GUMPS!!! And he rocks!! He has always been there for me. From a tiny, little scrape on the knee to woman hood and stress!! I love you Gumpsy!! Anyways. She has another son named Danny. eh eh eh. UNCLE Danny. And he is married to Sara. AUNT Sara. They are the best 25 year olds you could EVER meet!! But they do a better job of being the best aunts and uncles you could ever meet!! They have the most adorable little daughter that I cherish. Abby dabby doo!! And Do not worry guys, I did not forget Kenzlee. She is the new baby. By the way, I loved the pictures!! She is sooo cute!!! Now, we can take a look at my Dad`s side. in some movies the mom`s side and the dad`s side usually do not like eachother. But My family always gets along. They are like one BIG family. Like maybe how one side is sorta related to the other. Yea, I do not know what I am saying. Anyways,I will start with Grammy. She is a little bit older than Gummi, but whenever we are there, she tries to make it fun and cool!! And even if she does not do it the right way, we still love her for trying!! And anything, is fun with her!! My dad will never forget how Grammy and Grandpa Ted got divorsed, It is very sad. But Grandpa Ted loves me too. he owns my oooold dog Duchess. He sends packages every birthday I have!! He never forgets!!With him being my Grandfather, I will never have to worry about not getting ONE present on my birthday!! Now, I will talk about Aunt Dawn. Oh my goodness, have you met her?? She is the best!! She can paint Mona Lisa pictures on your nails!! She can do nails sooo good. And my dad has sooo many other bros Uncle Travis, Uncle Brent. I do not remember the rest. Sorry, Uncle Josh!! Oh wait, I do remember you!! Nice tatoos!! And now this is just sad, that I have to tell you about all of my cousins. Poor me, sitting here for hours. Okay, I will start with the oldest Cousin. Zachary. He is actually my third cousin. He is really nice. I do not know this, but I bet he has a girlfriend. I mean, if you saw him.. oh yea!! See... told ya my families got the looks!! Anyways, his little sister paige, is soo adorable!! although she can turn to quite a princess!! Then their first cousins Caitlina nd Savannah. Caitlin is sooo nice. And pretty!! She brought up the whole "bubble bangs" thing, and now I love it!! Savannah, is my like best friend!! We always get along. Then Shawn and Emily. Emily is Paige`s age. She is very shy. The only time she will talk is when you do something... yummy or cool!! Shawn, her older brother is sooo cute!! He tries to act like a big boy, and to be honest, It kinda works!! Now, my oldest first cousins. Karry and Erin are twins. They are really bossy and kinda mean. But I love them!! They help me out alot on advice, and other stuff. They are the FIRST people I am going to ask about puberty. Their older brother Bryan, is soo cool!! That is really all i got to to say about him. And now Aunt Dawn`s daughter. Probably the most adorable one I admire most, Mykah. she is a bit melo-dramatic but, Hey Nobody is Perfect!! I have problems, I do not know what they are, but hey I will fugure them out when someone tells me!! When someone around me has problems, I tell them. That helps them to fix it. Anyways, that is my family!! Bye!!


Okay, I have forgot a TON of stuff in this blog. So, I am going to give thanks and love today. I am sooo glad to say that Caitlin Shabacker, my bff.. left me comments!!! Thank-you Kk!! And I have a follower!! Garry and Nikki, you rock!! It is so nice to be able to be in touch with yall~ And I love yu!! Anyways, thank-you soo much for coming to this blog!! And kk, If you do not mind, I am making a blog for you soo i can leave YOU comments!! And I will never get on it to make a post, I PROMISE. I will just go there and leave a comment. kk bye!!