Friday, October 17, 2008


Okay, I have forgot a TON of stuff in this blog. So, I am going to give thanks and love today. I am sooo glad to say that Caitlin Shabacker, my bff.. left me comments!!! Thank-you Kk!! And I have a follower!! Garry and Nikki, you rock!! It is so nice to be able to be in touch with yall~ And I love yu!! Anyways, thank-you soo much for coming to this blog!! And kk, If you do not mind, I am making a blog for you soo i can leave YOU comments!! And I will never get on it to make a post, I PROMISE. I will just go there and leave a comment. kk bye!!

1 comment:

Kk said...

heyy girlly u are soo good about telling about ur life!!! well its time to eat gotta go see ya