Saturday, October 18, 2008

I can not stop my self!! Voting time.

Okay, so alot of you know, that my family has a vacation fund. Right now, we are thinking of either taking the money and using it for a bunch of cool stuff, so that we can eat out and go shopping ALL of the time, or save it up to go to Disney Land. I am kind of stuck in the middle. I really want to go to Disney Land, I mean I LOVE the place, seriously!!! But I am just thniking about how, when we are done with Disney Land we will barely have ANY money because we will have spent it all. And I do not wanna be poor. I mean, I will doubt that will happen. I think or I pretty much KNOW, were going to Disney Land, I wanna go soo bad. But If we have a choice, comment me and give me what you think we should do!! I am totally up for it!! Comment now!!!

1 comment:

Periwinkle said...

Are you kidding? If you come to Disneyland I get to see you! In fact, if you come to Disneyland, Gumps and I will be there too! So...I guess you know my vote on this one!