Saturday, August 30, 2008

It is voting time!!!!!

I can not believe it!!! It is my blogs first annual voting time!!!! Yeeeeeee haaaaa!!! wooo!!! Ok so, lets get started. Ok so, most of you know, (as my mom`s friends) that my dad has been on a diet for quite a while now. Well he has lost over 45 pounds and On this blog I would like to congratulate him!!! Every body reading this blog say: Yeeeeee Haaaaaaa!!!! If you would like to prove to me that you did say yeeee haaa!!!! for my dad then leave a comments saying yeeeeee haaaaaaa!!!!! Ok so now, if you are partcipating then you will have two comments to put in there: one for a vote, and one for a yeeeee haaa!!!! or you can make them into one. Ok here is the voting part. My dad is so skinny and I can not stand him stepping away from all the junk food he had when he wasnt on a diet. You guys out there, need to vote whether he is skinny enough so he should just stop the diet and move on or if he should keep going and soon be skinny enough to be misplaced by a pancake. Your decision!!!!!!

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