Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hi I am Lissie. My real name is Allissa, and most people call me alli. Like my church friends and mostly all the people outside of school. But Caitlyn whom I call kk calls me Lissie. She is my best friends out of all friends!!! Shhhhhhh. Dont tell bri and lillie lu!!! Lillie Lu is actually Lillie. Bri is actually Sabrina. Yes I do have nicknames for all of my friends. Literally, ALL oft them!!! I am serious!! But anyways, continue reading this blog. It is the only thing from stopping people from asking if I am lower than my normal age. I am a decade old people!!!!!!!!! Please do not judge me by my height, weight or my smile. Yes It is wierd but some people say: "Awww look at that cute seven year old! She has the cutest smile!!!!!" No. So not me. I am ten. But that doesnt mean that you cant say I am cute!!!!!

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